Who We Are

rustic wooden american flag in barn on a chair

More Than Just Wood

American Glory Woodworks craftsmen take pride in the entire process to create these stunning works of art. They are a great conversation starter and look beautiful displayed on the wall, but more importantly, these flags are much more than that.


These wooden flags are a version of our nations flag. Our nations flag is a symbol of what this country has accomplished over the years. Its a symbol of what this country represents. Its a symbol of guts and glory. The flag is a symbol of this great country and how we as Americans made it great. This country was built with hard work, honor, and dignity, a lot like how these flags are built. We as a country have been through a lot of adversity, from the Revolutionary War to the great depression. From Vietnam to September 11, 2001, our will to get back up when we fall is unparalleled. Our nations flag is dear to our hearts.

America was built with our bare hands. From the railroads to the cities, we handcrafted this country. Today is different. We are an ever-evolving world of technology, Getting more and more advanced every day. The American craftsman is a dying breed and becoming over run by automated machinery. Building things with your bare hands is becoming uncommon. The word "Handcrafted is slowly fading away.

When you look at each AGW flag look at the distinct natural wood grain protruding through the colors of our nations flag. Look at the stars and stripes that are slightly warn away into the wood. Look at the minor imperfections that make it appear old.  When you look at this flag, imagine a time lapse of our nation from 1776. Everything we have been through and everything that we have built from the ground up, makes us who we are.





Oveview of a rustic wooden american flag

From Bare Wood to Rustic Glory

American Glory Woodworks is a small group of craftsmen located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We handcraft wooden American flags to sell to the public.

Each of our flags are made from pine boards that are purchased from a local distributor. Once the shipment of lumber comes in the flags journey will begin. To begin we first cut the wood into the desired sizes. The stripes and union of the flag are separate pieces of wood that are stained the desired colors. The parts are then assembled and fastened to a sturdy back frame. After the flag is assembled it gets the stars painted on and then its on to the antiquing process.

The antiquing process is a multi-step process that turns the flag into a rustic beauty. The process involves sanding, burning, staining, and distressing the wood. The first step is to lightly sand the flag then, burn the wood. Burning the wood brings out the beautiful natural grain in each board. This step is what reveals each flags natural characteristics thus making each one a unique piece of art. Once burned, the flag gets a layer of wooden stain over it. The stain gives it a rich, rustic look. The final step is a layer of clear coat to protect it.