About Us

About American Glory Woodworks

We are a small group of craftsmen located in the Endless Mountains of Northern Pennsylvania. Our main mission for the company is to deliver top quality rustic décor to our customers. We take pride in every aspect of our business. Customer commitment is very important to us. We do everything we can to ensure our customers have the best possible experience with us. Every product that goes out the door is quality checked and packaged securely. We believe proper communication is essential which is why we notify you when your order is in, expected ship date, shipping conformation, estimated delivery, and even when your product gets delivered. We want you to know everything that is happening with your order. Every AGW product is sent with a personalized hand written note. We truly care a lot about your experience.

We mainly handcraft wooden flags right now but we are transitioning into offering rustic furniture and rustic hidden compartment furniture. The hidden compartment furniture is for storing your guns for self defense and storage. We have been working hard at designing furniture that is made out of top quality hardwood. The outlook for American Glory Woodworks in the next year or two is to have an entire line of rustic furniture and an entire line of rustic hidden compartment furniture. We will have nightstands, end tables, coffee tables, shelves, hutch units and many more. We will continue to build wooden American flags and we plan on adding a few more flag designs to the line as well. 


About Our Wooden Flags

Each of our flags are made from pine boards that are purchased from a local distributor. Once the shipment of lumber comes in the flags journey will begin. Our skilled woodworkers carefully pick through the lumber to ensure that no twisted, split, or knotty wood gets used in the flag making process. The craftsmen then cut the wood to the proper size, sand the surface, and send it over to get colored. The stripes and union of the flag are separate pieces of wood that are stained the desired colors. The parts are then assembled and fastened to a sturdy back frame. After the flag is assembled it gets the stars painted on. Our artist's utilize an airbrush to spray the stars and lettering with the proper detail. The most beautiful and durable flags on the market. The vivid coloration, clean shine, and rustic appeal makes our flags stand out from the rest. Not only fantastic in appearance but also rugged in design. AGW wooden flags are constructed with top quality three quarter inch lumber and assembled using a strong combination of fasteners and wood glue. These flags will last for generations to come.